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LED Lighting

 Yomaled : Led lightning

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You can illuminate parts of life, but also work on color changes. Create your own ambience and decoration LED lighting for any room.

With Yomaled, you do not eat more than a few watts for a lifetime 20 times.

Their energy is clean, no mercury or ultra violet. They start instantly (LED bulb) and vibration resistant. LED bulbs, LED lamps and LED spot light bulbs are ultra low power consumption.

LED lighting gives life to your office, embellished and colorful outdoor spaces and saves energy for your hotels?

Shopping is a real experience! Everyone does his shopping for a different reason: a desire for discovery, a desire for social interaction, the need for recognition, or simply out of necessity.

Every shopping experience is unique as our motivation, our mood and our need. The shopping environment should reflect, whenever these different emotions and situations.

Our solutions are uniquely suited to LED lighting business. They offer a wide range of effects that are part of the shopping experience and create an atmosphere for every occasion. LED solutions can enhance a product, emphasize the effect of staging awaken the interest of the client but also reflect a mood. They help to create the perfect setting for shopping!

We can accompany you to the LED technology in your store. You should also highlight and give life to your business through the power of the LED light.

The sector and its working methods are continually evolving. LED lighting is involved in these changes: freedom of design and creativity, use of color, the dynamic effects of lighting, creating environments for comfort and well-being of employees. LED technology also enables significant energy savings. Especially when combined with a system for lighting control.

Philips studying with you, your lighting needs and offers LED solutions tailored to your office space. Solutions that allow you to build a better working environment and achieve real energy savings.

The areas of the hotel and restaurant is the one with the largest potential in terms of energy savings. Today, LED technology has the resources to save energy on a large scale. LED lamps, very economical, set new standards for watts consumed per square meter. Even when used with systems management lighting.

We can help you easily to LED technology in your hotel, bar or restaurant. Highlight, thanks to the light, your friendly spaces. Philips makes you live and your customers an experience completely new light!

LED lighting allows you to explore new ways to illuminate our urban environment.

LEDs are highly adaptable. They allow lighting designers to give a static lighting and obsolete in favor of creating atmosphere. The play of light change at the discretion of times and seasons. Lighting and become colorful and festive illuminations at public celebrations.

Appointments at the hospital are often a cause of anxiety and discomfort for patients. This can complicate and lengthen the medical consultations. LED lighting can create colorful and soothing atmosphere to make the environment more human clinical. This new atmosphere of serenity, benefits patients. It facilitates the examination and can diagnose faster.

In addition, LED lighting can achieve significant energy savings, especially for lighting hallways and reception areas of hospitals.

LED lighting can change the atmosphere in the place of consultations and patient rooms. It improves the lives of patients and medical staff. It promotes energy savings and ensures a reduction in operating costs of the hospital. Philips Lighting is the ideal partner in your choice to LED technology!

large industrial sites

that work 7/7 and 24 hours/24 consume as much energy for lighting. Large ceiling heights that often characterize such places, make maintenance and relamping extremely expensive, especially if the activity must cease during these interventions. Our latest innovations dedicated to industrial lighting solutions are tailored to these needs and constraints.

Our LED solutions are developed to reduce energy consumption without compromising the level of illumination. They lengthen the life of the light sources. They avoid frequent replacement lamps and can make your industrial facilities more ecological and economical

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