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Power Reducer

The Advanced solution to divert surplus energy generated by your PV installation to operate your water boiler for free.

Maximize the benefits from your photovoltaic installation and optimize your self-consumption with POWER REDUCER:

Activated by artificial intelligence, Power Reducer is an automatic proportional controller that detects excess energy produced during the day and stores it in warm water directly into your hot water tank, ensuring that no additional expensive energy is imported from the grid.
Integrated with the YOMA-Regul WiFi solution, the Elios4you allows you to view in Real Time the PV Energy produced, the self-consumption demand and the amount of surplus energy diverted by POWER REDUCER to heat your hot water tank


Example of photovoltaic production of 2.4kw, In-House consumption of 2kW and the surplus of 0, 4kW diverted by the Power Reducer to heat the Hot Water Tank with a resistive 1700W load without importing the additional 1300 W from the grid, that is required to activate it.


How does the POWER REDUCER operate?

PR+boiler+robinetPower Reducer monitors your production of photovoltaic energy. When it detects a surplus of energy which is not consumed, it redirects this energy to your hot water tank, ensuring that no additional power imported from the grid.

In this way, any available surplus energy is used by maximizing the self-consumption.




Universal and easy to install

power-reducer-conforme-CEUniversal, Power Reducer is completely independent of the meter and existing inverter. Easy to install, it does not require plumbing work or changes on your photovoltaic installation. It is compatible with the majority of electrical hot water heaters with resistance up to 3000W.

Fully compliant with the EC standards and EMC regulations


Fast return on Investment

retour-sur-investissementPower Reducer savings will create a significant reduction in your energy bill and maximize your investment return in 1 to 3 years.


Smart Monitoring

PR+Elios+tableWhen used in conjunction with YOMA-Regul WiFi Solution, Elios4you, you will be presented in real-time on your cellular phone :

  • • Total Generated PV energy
    • Home power self-consumption
    • Home consumption
    • Available Surplus Energy that is being diverted by the Power Reducer to your water heater



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