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Yomatherm Advantages

Instantaneous production of hot water greater than 60°C

• YOMATHERM is the first solar water heater to produce instantaneous hot water at high temperatures (greater than 60°C).

•You get immediate use of hot water in both winter and summer using solar technology.

• No need to wait 4 to 6 hours of sunshine!

80% Energy Savings

With YOMATHERM you can enjoy up to 80% energy savings on your hot water bill.

By switching to the solar heating mode, you can dramatically reduce your energy bill and lessen your dependence on electric energy at a time of ever increasing energy prices.

Costs savings of up to 50% to purchase, install and maintain

Using your already installed hot water tank. With YOMATHERM your benefits are:

•A small investment: up to -50% over a conventional thermal solar system.

•Quick and effective installation process: Less than a day is required to install the YOMATHERM kit.

•Easy to maintain. Cleaning requires the use of a simple and inexpensive product such as white vinegar.

Maximum Security

• YOMATHERM is built to last and can operate for 25 years.

• YOMATHERM integrates three systems of innovative protection for safe use!

•An integrated system prevents anti-freezing, even in case of power failure.

• Anti-overheating protecting against the risks of pressure rising in the tank.

• An integrated scalable system, for ease of performance and maintenance.

Green Design !

• YOMATHERM is able to optimize solar energy during the year.

• YOMATHERM uses only tap water and therefore avoids all toxic chemicals such as Glycol (recognized health hazard).

• No change to tank, so no waste to the environment.

Tax Credit Available

Installing YOMATHERM qualifies you for Government Tax Credits (may vary from country to country)

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