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 YOMA SGS-Hybrid is a fully-integrated safety system optimizing renewable energy production by real-time control of different energy sources (solar, batteries, grid, diesel generator, wind).

YOMA SGS-Hybrid directs energy based on consumption needs and production conditions, with excess energy stored in batteries or alternatively sold to the network.

YOMA SGS-Hybrid integrates in one compact inverter all necessary features for a smart grid solution. No more need for external devices such as switch, load controller, etc..

YOMA SGS-Hybrid is a complete solution including an inverter, batteries and electrical protection in a single, secure cabinet for greater reliability and security during install with quick and easy connection.

Armoire SGS hybride
armoires yomaSGS

Benefits of YOMA SGS-Hybrid

principle of operation

• +30% more efficiency
• Integrated solution with ALL-IN-ONE inverter/charger
• Energy sources smart management

• High efficiency  AGM,GEL, Li-Ion Batteries

• Integrated UPS during power failure
• Compact and wired cabinet
• Easy and rapid to install
• DC/AC protection built-in
• 4 storage capacity available
• Dimensions 60 x 60 x 180 cm
• 5 years warranty

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